Why Central Georgia

In today’s competitive markets where youth baseball has grown into an industry all its own, it is important to

provide officials that can handle the demands and pressures of competitive baseball. At Central Georgia

Umpires, we have developed a culture of doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. We teach our

umpires not just the on field mechanics and rules that they need to be successful, but pride and humility to give

the game what it truly deserves. Many organizations rely on out of town umpires to staff your events. Central Georgia Umpires was founded at East Cobb Baseball and most of our membership lives around the Marietta area. Although, we have members from all around the Atlanta area. Our staff includes several current and former college and professional umpires. We also work very closely with the GHSA to help with training and staffing the most competitive GHSA schools in the state. Our founding principle is doing what’s right for umpires, doing what’s right for people, and doing what’s right for

the game. While we are interested in growth, we want to do that responsibly. Our plan in a park is to build

those working relationships with enough lead time to do training clinics to encourage people to join the ranks of

the umpire brotherhood. We foster a culture where each member gets what they want out of the experience. If

they just want to work recreational baseball, we try to provide them the opportunity to do that. But, if they

want to advance into High School, College, or professional baseball, we have the network to make those

opportunities available as well. We offer competitive rates and are willing to work with you to accommodate your budget. We will market and run training clinics prior to the season starting to ensure we can meet your umpire staffing needs now, and in the future. We embrace all forms of technology available to make us available for your needs when you need customer service.

We have references available from coaches, parents of young officials, and tournament organizers. I’m sure we

would be an asset to your program. I would love to have the opportunity to discuss your future with our group.

Thank you for your time.